A clear horizon: 2021 ~ Life in Victory.

Dear Friends,
I cannot speak from my head on these things to you but rather He must accomplish His works from my heart positioned towards Him asking. Inquiring of the Lord.

Asking you now Father God for the Anointing to speak to the people. We know You Father are Amazing, your wonders never cease to amaze and only you can do what you do by and through your Spirit within us, the Greater One, to take of that which is Yours in supply Jesus and show it unto us.

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Spirits — Living Epistles of the Believers in the Victory Life team.

Glory to God! Wow, has not our 2020 season been one of amazement? A season of the astonishing in Him to observe. No Plague shall come near our tents!

“Thank You Father for your Word of Psalm 91. for your Word on our part of verse 2 where we declare with our mouth “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” And for the part of Jesus from verse 3 through verse 13, and then from Your own heart Father, your great love on display to us from verse 14 through verse 16 in your faithful Love towards us your Son’s and Daughters in our Life of Victory in You! Thank You Father for blessing the people and their lives as You Jesus continue to author and finish our Faith by which we receive your Grace. We find this Grace in the throne room where we boldly come before you and take our seat with Jesus, seated far above every principality, powers of darkness in heavenly places and we have a clear horizon from which to view all these things of the earth as we rule and reign by our testimony and by your blood while we are on the earth simultaneously both there and here as citizens and children of You in our true home of Heaven. All the Glory unto You our Precious Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Our Great El Shaddai! We Thank You Father, in Jesus Name, Amen.”

At the Greater Faith conference this year at Faith Life Church in Sarasota Florida I had the privilege to attend in person this year. It was an unexpected privilege, a suddenly that was possible because of my obedience in listening and stepping in action on the Word to receive anointing to accomplish a completely different ground work in Him, a bonus of time and supply received to be enjoyed richly.

The heart of God was on display in the room and Brother Keith Moore confirmed in the Spirit something I had been hearing from my Spirit about a closer personal revelation of Mark 10:36. “What do you want me to do for you?” He asked them.

As Dr Jeremy Pearsons has put it “When Jesus asks you a question, He expects an Answer!” for it is Him we serve and while we do have the God like qualities to decide by our free will as the crown of man, we must choose to defer our will to be in strong agreement with His will which is expressed by His Word and His Spirit speaking in agreement to us so that together we are a very strong willed servant and friend of Him.

This season is different for us in 2021. Our mission statement has expanded and matured while I believe that many of us in our lives have received Grace upon Grace from Jesus our Lord in where our lives were and where we find ourselves now. I see no reason to modify the general purpose of our cause which is to pray the perfect will of God over our lives and the members of this team by unknown tongues however I have had a desire stirred up within me to also do a more personal working with everyone.

I want you to know that I am still in His Love, still in Faith, and still doing what the Word of God says for us all. I am still standing in agreement with each and every one of you on your beautiful debt free homes to be finished furnished full and free with the title deed and keys to them, which is our Faith, be brought into a completion of our Faith Now.

I heard a great Anointed word from Nancy Dufresne today called “The Backside to your Miracle” and I would encourage you to listen to her as posted on the Dufresene Ministries youtube channel of wisdom located here. ~ https://youtu.be/ZPQmYR1wT5k

I am in agreement with you according to Matthew 18:19-20 on all of your Faith projects and for our first 4 phases of the expanded focus from our January 2020 vision statement “”No Small Plans Made Here” and with all the petitions we have made known to Him.

Our Faith comes from hearing, again and again until we truly hear Him. Our Hearing from Him comes from reading, and reading again, the Word and listening to the voice of the Spirit speaking to our Spirit confirming the Word in our hearts.

That is where we begin on anything the Lord has said to do.

Hear from the Lord, then do what He said to do in action, then step aside and let Him do the works He said He will.

Just get out of the way and watch Him move in what he has already said He will do.

I said all that to say this. In this time of our hidden lives in Christ this last season many of us have had an opportunity to embrace the “video conference” tools like Microsoft Teams for business, or others like Zoom or Skype or Face time for example. Many of us who may not have thought such a connection was possible have been transformed in the renewal of our technology user skills for this time and purpose.

I am hoping that most of you are keeping up with updates on our website, youtube channel of wisdom, and twitter feeds but for those of you who mainly only wish to be in the KCM community portal I want to mention that I think if it seems good to you and I know it seems pleasing to the Holy Spirit that we should have some time together in a virtual way simply to focus our Faith on the prayers of agreement we are already in for each other.

Everyone, while I do try to be as un-intrusive in your lives as possible in the natural ~ I do want to pray also with my understanding about and over your life and the communities where you live.

This is simply in response to a desire to be prepared for the receiving of our Harvest of our seed sown so that we may be in agreement and establish the “Conveying Hands of Value” seed cards for our membership. We are not and will not be without seed to sow into those around us.

By our prayers of agreement, we know we have more than enough seed in the ground for that increase and multiplication to come into our hands as a manifestation of Jesus in our lives according to 2 Corinthians 9:10-14 and by our obedience of the direction of the Holy Spirit in asking and hearing from Him and by sending our ministering Spirits we have charged to gather together and bring our increase into our hands according to Hebrews 1:14 for us to receive when it is ripe we can rest assured and declare it is done!

These are Laws in the kingdom and we are about His kingdom business in this work expecting the response that He said He will do.

Remember this: “Good Ground, Good Seed, Good Tomato” Sister Gloria Copeland.

Roll Call 2021. I would like to suggest that you answer Him with an affirmation that Yes, you are still in Faith with us and in agreement with the goals we have before the Lord, and with your preferred communication method of meeting virtually with me either in a prayer group type setting or individually, by phone or video conference which ever choice may be more comfortable for you so that I may also pray with you about your current Life in the Victory we share.

You can use the Contact Us page on the website to affirm your still in Faith with us.
Prayer is always available at anytime for everyone when your ready, anywhere you are ready.

If you are in need of any kind of prayer of agreement for yourself or others please do use our partner prayer line at KCM where you can speak in agreement with a licensed prayer partner for your requests. You may also submit your prayer request online at www.kcm.org

KCM Prayer Line at 817-852-6000 (not a toll free number).

Whatever happens, You have been made able ~ to walk worthy of the Gospel of Christ in Him ~ Believing!

This is why we are called Believers! What are we doing? Living by Faith.

What is the Work? Believe on the One Whom He sent. The work of believing.

Grace is working and we are resting. We have the victory that has already over come the world, even our Faith, resting in that Grace who does the works through by the power that now works within us as imitators of God himself before Him at his great pleasure to see our prosperity on display in Christ where we are always made to Triumph in Christ.

And this is how they will know us, by our Love!

Blessing you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and all the way around the middle of your navel. Trusting in Him brings Health to your navel and marrow to your bones. Be Healed and Whole, nothing missing and nothing broken, in Jesus Name! Amen.

Remember, Stand in Faith, Walk in Love, God Loves You, and Jesus is Lord!

Scion John the beloved.

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Psalm 1. The Happy Man.

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