One of the greatest things you could ever experience while alive on earth is the new birth experience. It is one of the most powerful expressions of Love and most celebrated of events in all of creation.

The new birth of a new species of being within you by the explosive combination of your human spirit made joined with God by the work of the Holy Spirit, born again being made spiritually alive from spiritual death and receiving all the qualities of Love, being filled with the Holy Spirit as a seal and a promise of guarantee for your eternal salvation.

Never to be concerned about calamity or sudden tragedy or where you will be for eternity after physical life on the earth. To guide and train you how to walk by God’s Love in Him while on Earth.

For if the willingness is there to take it then the gift exchange of giving your life to Christ for His gift of righteousness is acceptable.

If your ready take the next step into the Victory Life in You then here is your opportunity.

Have a new Victory Life today.

If you have not made Jesus the Lord of your life, consider correctly your worth in eternity for yourself & for those you love, and for all of creation that needs you to be who you were designed to be. You are treasured of God.


Imagine you had a billionaire friend who loves you, has already made every favor and earthly thing you could ever need or desire to enjoy for life on earth available to you. The small issue of why you don’t have it all is You. He is having a difficult time getting you to listen, follow some basic principles he has outlined for you to be able to go to the bank and fill out a withdrawal slip, or even use His own MasterCard, to acquire all those things and live in abundance. He is having difficulty getting it all to you because you need to listen and hear know how about all the good things He desired and has already given to you. Because of your own lack of knowledge knowing how to operate in obtaining and even know how that He exists and what he has done for you. How can you receive what you don’t know is yours?

How can you help your billionaire friend?

Decide to hear your friend.

This world was created by God and even though there was a time when your sin had separated you from God but no longer. You will be surprised how much of the way you already do things in you life is designed by God. The World operates by principles and many area’s of the laws of physics and so does God, it was His idea to begin with.

Listen and respond, it will change your heart and desires in this life. Are you ready for something new?

Here is a short video on just how amazing and simple it is to accept Jesus as your Lord and begin the Victory Life in Soteria today. What is Salvation?

The most important issue is to seek where you should be on this planet so that you are in His plan for your life.

Participate in the Will of God for you. Seek your answer on the plan for God’s will in your life by consulting with the Holy Spirit. This takes know how. Do you know how?

He can help find a way for you to be welcome and accepted in Christ for His Plan for your life. This is your blessing place to be. Being strong in faith – giving Glory to God.

We celebrate this decision with you and if you prayed this prayer today let us know.

We have some basic information we would like you to have to help understand the amazing impact of your decision for Christ today. Click here to contact us and let us celebrate with you on the best decision you have ever made in life.

Jesus lived a perfect life ~ and He did it all for you.

Jesus is not an exception to, or an exemption from requirements, He is the fulfillment of All legal requirements of Heavenly Authority. He exchanged his perfect life of righteousness without sin for our imperfect ways of life driven by guess and selfishness so that we may be reconciled and made perfect being brought out of darkness, chaos, and confusion. Made to Walk blameless in the sight of God the Father.

John the beloved

We want to hear from you so we can pray in agreement together with you over your life. Tell us about your salvation experience.

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