A clear horizon: 2021 ~ Life in Victory.

Dear Friends,I cannot speak from my head on these things to you but rather He must accomplish His works from my heart positioned towards Him asking. Inquiring of the Lord. Asking you now Father God for the Anointing to speak to the people. We know You Father are Amazing, your wonders never cease to amazeContinue reading “A clear horizon: 2021 ~ Life in Victory.”

Quiet! Silence! Peace! Be still!

Choose any of these synonyms. This one word “πεφίμωσο -pefimoso” or “Σιώπα – siópaó” from Jesus has changed your life. Just One Word from Jesus has already changed the Life in You, the Greater One inside Us, Forever. Listen to the Word! “It is finished!” John 19:30 (HCSB) Word From the Lord through Kellie Copeland.Continue reading “Quiet! Silence! Peace! Be still!”

5 steps to Overcome the defeated foe.

It is important to fight the good fight of faith in correct thinking by the renewal of our minds to the Word. “Father we agree together as touching this asking you for the anointing, asking you for the moving of your Holy Spirit, the working of your Holy Angels. Asking for Answers, direction, help, rightContinue reading “5 steps to Overcome the defeated foe.”