The Good Report.

“The Good Report is simply the confirmation of what we have already known to be true.”

– Scion John

A focused highlight and such a treat for us today! A glimpse at the firm foundation and the beginning of Faith Foundations from Eagle Mountain International Church.

The timeless unchanging Word of God spoken to the people; Now and forever!

Enjoy teaching from the heart of God to us about our Harvest and Assignment mission.

The 3:16 Experience at Eagle Mountain International Church.

How to Pray for the Lost – Pastor Holden Hanley.

The 3:16 Experience | Eagle Mountain International Church (

Harvest and Assignment within the Life of Victory in You for our Grace filled world.

  • Quantum Faith
    An excellent blog on quantum-faith by Annette Capps. Now, I have learned to think and believe and say, “Things always work out for me.  Everything that I do prospers, and I have abundance in Jesus’ name.”
  • 2022. You’ll Know What to Do.
    Jesus did not overcome the forces of Nature by sheer force. He overcame them by communication and relationship. Annette Capps. President of Capps Ministries. Take the word of the Lord and begin applying it, expecting every part of it in your life. Make seeking and receiving the wisdom of God for every part of yourContinue reading “2022. You’ll Know What to Do.”

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